Benefit For Boobies: It’s a Mammogram-o-rama!

While the title may cause a chuckle, the topic is serious. At the end of last year my friend Robyn found out that she had breast cancer. At the beginning of January 2011 (Yes, that quickly! She’s in it to win it!) she underwent a 13 hour surgery to remove all traces of cancer… and start rebuilding/healing/kicking ass.

In January I decided something cool needed to be done. Something FUN… because surgery and cancer isn’t fun. Obviously. So I decided to put on a fashion show and raise money to promote healthy boobs.

Enter: Benefit for Boobies.
The undertaking was bigger than I thought, but luckily everyone involved is AMAZING and was super patient with me and extremely helpful. While I wrangled getting the Susan G Komen for the Cure involved, the designers that were involved went off to find their models and style team.

Once the date was set and I knew Robyn could be in town… things really started rolling. The Vox Theatre  was where it was all going to take place, and can I just say that they are the most amazing group of people? Nichole is the event manager and I’m not sure I’ve met someone so helpful. I highly recommend and suggest this venue for anything you may need an event space for!!

Tony Beats volunteered his time to create some sexy music for the ladies to strut to on the runway. Going into it, both myself and Tony weren’t exactly sure what type of music to play (this being our first fashion show), but he completely nailed it. He’s amazing!

We ended up with three designers, and one stylists who styled her models using clothes from Arizona Trading Company. I was so impressed with everything. I honestly don’t even know what to say anymore… so I supposed I’ll just show you some photos. My friend Chris was there to shoot on my behalf, because I was running around like a crazy lady!

Baby Maracas
Sickly Sweet Designs
Elegantly Wasted Designs
Arizona Trading Company

A HUGE thank you to everyone involved. Designers, hair, makeup, music. Everyone. You all helped make an amazing event and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I bet we raise even more next year! Did I say next year? Oh yes. I did.


Outside the Vox Theatre/ Baylie, Teisha, and me (Layne. hello there.)


Baby Maracas

Designer Jamie and one of her models // Baby Maracas

Sickly Sweet Designs

Elegantly Wasted Designs

Elegantly Wasted Designs

Arizona Trading Company

Arizona Trading Company


Thanks again to everyone!!!



  1. B. Clark said:

    Great benefit, report, and photos! Your heart and creativity continue to make a mark in this world! Congratulations on a great event!

  2. Jade Reynolds said:

    awesome event cant wait till next year. it was so organized! Thanks for having me & including my face in your blog! your an amazing photog!

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